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Flu Season vs Vaccines?

Vaccines have saved the lives of millions of people. Smallpox has been practically eradicated with the aid of vaccines, and so has polio and whooping cough. Tetanus used to kill millions and thanks to vaccines it is a thing of the past in the West. But the flu vaccine is a different story. Here are […]

Energy Medicine ~ are you willing to put a wager on it?

As holistic and naturopathic healing becomes ever more popular, we’re seeing many people take a direct interest in energy medicine and energy healing, and that’s a great thing. The demand is becoming so prevalent in fact, that Alberto Villoldo, the founder of The Four Winds Society, the World’s Leading Institute in Energy Medicine, is doing […]

The Cost of Transformation: Teaching Story ~ Alberto Villoldo

A teaching story: “Once there was a monk who lived by a river.  Every day he would fish and give away his catch to the hungry – all he would keep for himself was a single fish head to make soup with in the evening.  One day one of his students told the monk that […]

Waiting and Time Management with Alberto Villoldo

How We Change Our World with Perception by Alberto Villoldo, PhD

“Being able to shift to a higher realm of perception can help us find solutions to our problems, resolve conflicts, heal disease, and experience oneness with all of creation.” —Alberto Villoldo, PhD All of us want to affect the world for the better. We look around us and see problems—crime, pollution, child abuse—and because we’re […]

Courageous Action and Healing ~ Alberto Villoldo

“The mystical union in which one’s false ego falls away and one unites with the Divine requires daring and courageous action.  In one of his poems, the Sufi poet Rumi writes: There was a feast.  The king Was heartily in his cups.   He saw a learned scholar walking by, “Bring him in and give […]

Amazonia: Healing With Sacred Plants

“I started out in the brain laboratory at San Francisco State University – literally surrounded by hundreds of formaldehyde preserved brains. We were studying how we develop psychosomatic disease, and how we could create psychosomatic health. One day I realized that I had been looking out of the wrong end of the microscope, becoming caught […]