Courageous Action and Healing ~ Alberto Villoldo

“The mystical union in which one’s false ego falls away and one unites with the Divine requires daring and courageous action.  In one of his poems, the Sufi poet Rumi writes:

There was a feast.  The king
Was heartily in his cups.
He saw a learned scholar walking by,
“Bring him in and give him
some of this fine wine.”
Servants rushed out and brought the man
to the king’s table, but he was not
receptive.  “I had rather drink poison!”
I have never tasted wine and never will!
Take it away from me!”
He kept on with these loud refusals,
disturbing the atmosphere of the feast.
This is how it sometimes is
At God’s table.
Someone who has heard about ecstatic love,
But never tasted it, disrupts the banquet.

When you are courageous, you have a spiritual practice, not just a spiritual library.  You understand that all the information in the world does you no good if you don’t turn every prayer into action.

To arouse the healing, visualizing force of courage, you need to participate mindfully in mundane events, focusing on what you can do in this moment rather than sitting back and scripting yet another story that begins, “If only…”  then you’ll be able to accept our invitation to the banquet that Rumi speaks about.”

Excerpt from Illumination by Alberto Villoldo PhD


3 comments on “Courageous Action and Healing ~ Alberto Villoldo

  1. Sometimes we are not as blatant about refusing Life’s gifts and don’t realize we are saying No.

  2. When 1 stays in touch with the Creator thru creation He works thru you giving you the best option by doing right. I so delight in these ways how can I choose not to?

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