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Waiting and Time Management with Alberto Villoldo


How We Change Our World with Perception by Alberto Villoldo, PhD

“Being able to shift to a higher realm of perception can help us find solutions to our problems, resolve conflicts, heal disease, and experience oneness with all of creation.” —Alberto Villoldo, PhD All of us want to affect the world for the better. We look around us and see problems—crime, pollution, child abuse—and because we’re […]

Courageous Action and Healing ~ Alberto Villoldo

“The mystical union in which one’s false ego falls away and one unites with the Divine requires daring and courageous action.  In one of his poems, the Sufi poet Rumi writes: There was a feast.  The king Was heartily in his cups.   He saw a learned scholar walking by, “Bring him in and give […]