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Amazonia: Healing With Sacred Plants

“I started out in the brain laboratory at San Francisco State University – literally surrounded by hundreds of formaldehyde preserved brains. We were studying how we develop psychosomatic disease, and how we could create psychosomatic health. One day I realized that I had been looking out of the wrong end of the microscope, becoming caught […]

Reprogramming Neural Networks

     If the stories of angels and demons battling it out for your soul don’t resonate with you, you might think of their opposing forces in a less poetic way, using the language of brain science.  Each of us has neural pathways in our brain – functionally and chemically connected neurons – that are created […]

Growing Corn the Shamans Way ~ Alberto Villoldo

In all the countries north of the equator – and remember that the great cultures of history developed north of the equator – God is a descending god.  Think of the Greeks, the Romans, the Christians, the Muslims.  The Divine comes from the heavens and descends to the Earth… But for the Incas, the only […]

A Supernatural Love Story ~ Alberto Villoldo

Despite being trained in science, like most other humans I am somewhat superstitious, and believe that anything out of my ordinary day-to-day experience is unusual, when not outright terrifying. For the shaman, the supernatural world does not exist. There is only the natural world, which has a visible and an invisible dimension. Supernatural events seem […]