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Flu Season vs Vaccines?

Vaccines have saved the lives of millions of people. Smallpox has been practically eradicated with the aid of vaccines, and so has polio and whooping cough. Tetanus used to kill millions and thanks to vaccines it is a thing of the past in the West. But the flu vaccine is a different story. Here are some of the facts. But please consult with your doctor to make an informed decision…

The non-profit Cochrane Group published a study in July 2010 that indicated a meta analysis of studies involving more than 70,000 people showed no benefit from the flu vaccine. The only studies that indicated a benefit were funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

The Center for Disease Control advocates flu vaccines for everyone over the age of six months. This results in billions of dollars of profits for vaccine manufacturers. But these companies are protected from any lawsuits by the US Government. If someone is harmed or killed by one of these vaccines, the Government picks up the bill!

On the other hand, a clinical trial where participants took vitamin D daily reduced the incidence of the flu by 40%!  For an excellent review of the flu vaccine controversy please see Dr. Mark Hyman’s article at  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/flu-shots-panacea-or-prop_b_831696.html

Stay healthy!


Energy Medicine ~ are you willing to put a wager on it?

As holistic and naturopathic healing becomes ever more popular, we’re seeing many people take a direct interest in energy medicine and energy healing, and that’s a great thing. The demand is becoming so prevalent in fact, that Alberto Villoldo, the founder of The Four Winds Society, the World’s Leading Institute in Energy Medicine, is doing a series of public talks this fall and winter on the very subject.

It is important that the many people new to energy medicine (and even existing practitioners) understand that with interest comes great responsibility. The practice of energy medicine is not something granted from a weekend workshop. Energy medicine is a significant science that involves the personal energy between both practitioner and recipient. This is not a hobby or a dalliance; it requires solid education, foundation and practice. In his usual engaging style, Alberto Villoldo will be addressing this factor in his upcoming talks.

Aside from Alberto’s participation in the upcoming Day of Tikkun and Great Shamanic Initiation, he will be the featured speaker in Los Angeles on Oct 3rd and 4th at the Olympic Collection in West Los Angeles. You will love these live events as Alberto explains the precepts of what can be an amazing adventure into energy medicine.

Here, from his book, Shaman, Healer, Sage, Alberto relays a personal story – a wager he made, actually – when he didn’t believe that powerful energy medicine could actually extend to “the dark side.”

“When I was in my early twenties, I was preparing for an expedition to the Amazon when I received a call from the foundation that sponsored my research.  They needed an anthropologist to complete a study on Voodoo healers in Haiti.  I was reluctant to go…but gently persuaded when they mentioned they were reviewing my grant application to return to the Amazon.

The foundation officer explained that Voodoo was originally a healing practice from sub-Saharan Africa, and that in Haiti it was also used to harm one’s foes, particularly the ruthless slave masters.  The techniques were identical, he explained.  The same practices that were used to stimulate the immune system to eradicate a cancerous tumor could be used to lay waste to the immune system so that your victim would die from pneumonia in a matter of weeks.

Being in my early twenties, I was convinced I knew better and placed a small wager that black magic could only work on those who believed in it.  Upon being introduced to a local Voodoo priest we all agreed he would prove to me how his magic worked and he would do his work on me the following week, after I returned to California.  Suffice it to say, I ended up so sick within a few days, death would have been a welcome relief!  When the Haitian anthropologist called me on the appointed day to see if I felt anything, I groaned into the phone and told him to go back to the Voodoo priest and ask him to undo whatever it was he had done.

I discovered that just as you can help people through energy medicine, you can also hurt them.  I would later learn that energy healing from a poorly trained practitioner is often tantamount to black magic, regardless of how well-meaning the healer is.  Black magic happens not only in Haiti and the bayous of Louisiana but anywhere well-meaning but poorly trained individuals lay their hands on others, attempting to perform healing, and unknowingly transmit toxic energy to them.  Students will sometimes comment that this can’t happen if you are sending love to another person, as this energy is supposedly pure and holy.  I remind these students of the pain that we can inflict on others in the name of love.  In time, I discovered another kind of black magic we do to ourselves:  the negative thoughts and beliefs that keep us from our personal power and wreak havoc on our immune system.

The most important lesson for me that night, though, was the crucial role of the healer’s ethics and intent.  Much of the shaman’s decade-long training is dedicated to developing a high ethic, a value system founded on a deep reverence for all life.  Only then can the techniques be properly mastered.  Similarly, a doctor of Western medicine spends at least five years learning his or her craft.  Is it prudent to turn my health care over to someone who has taken a weekend workshop in energy medicine?

This is the quandary for Westerners who take a short training in energy healing or shamanism.  If you have a calling to practice energy medicine, take the time to train with teachers whose integrity, wisdom, and technical knowledge will assist you to develop your own spiritual gifts.”

Join Alberto in West Los Angeles, Oct 3rd  and 4th , in a two evening introduction to Healing the Light Body at the Olympic Collection Learn how energy medicine can transform your life, bringing balance and healing to every level of being – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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What’s Neuroscience Have To Do With Enlightenment?

I have been asked to return to the New York Open Center in November to deliver an evening lecture on neuroscience and enlightenment (two subjects that are not commonly found in the same lecture). The following day, Nov. 10th, I also will  be conducting a full-day workshop that will transform, cleanse and build our spiritual energy. Click to see registration details for my Nov. 9th evening lecture and my Nov. 10th day-long workshop.

Below is an introduction to what I’ll be teaching in more detail, which I’ve primarily pulled from my co-authored book, Power Up Your Brain.

Can neuroscience deliver on the promises presented by religion: freedom from suffering, violence, scarcity, and disease? Can neuroscience deliver us into a life where health, peace and abundance reign?

The pledges of the world’s religions are so universal that it’s likely the longing for joy, inner peace, and well-being are hardwired into the human brain and have become a social instinct as powerful as the drive to procreate. The Bible, the Koran, and Buddhist and Hindu scriptures all teach that we can be delivered into a paradise-oriented state, whether after death, at the end of time, following many reincarnations, or as a result of personal effort and merit. This state of liberation is called grace or Heaven by Christian religions, Paradise by Muslims, while Eastern traditions refer to it as awakening or enlightenment, using various terms such as samadhi, multi, bodhi, satori, and nirvana.

But what if grace, samadhi, and enlightenment are really based in biological science?

What if these are states of higher order and complexity created by programmable circuits in the brain? What if these circuits could make it possible to attain lifelong joy, inner peace, health and well-being now, in this physical world, and not in some distant future or afterlife?

When you join me at the New York Open Center, November 9th, I will share how the shamans perceive a luminous energy field enveloping the physical body and holding a record of all our past traumas and future possibilities. Shamanic healing usually involves working with this energy field to clear illnesses and imbalances, including familial/genetically inherited ones, before they fully penetrate the body.

On Nov. 9th, I will introduce you to practices that can help us:

  • Clear negative imprints in the energy field before they express disease in the body
  • Cure “soul loss”
  • Recover our vitality and life purpose
  • Maintain vibrant health.
  • I will also share tips about shamanic superfoods we can use to heal and energize the brain.

My Full-Day Workshop Follows My Evening Lecture

In addition, I will be teaching a full day workshop – Illumination: The Shaman’s Way of Healing the following day (Nov. 10th) at the New York Open Center. The experience of shamanic illumination can heal the emotional wounds that keep us locked in cycles of self-inflicted suffering, and help us recover all the passion and life-force we have squandered in anger, lust, greed and other negative emotions.

For shamans, illumination is not some far-fetched religious notion but a tangible experience available to all who learn to change the quality of their energy matrix.

In this Nov. 10th workshop, we will learn how to:

  • Transform negative emotions such as anger and despair into powerful healing gifts
  • Engage in a “soul retrieval” process that heals past traumas and frees us to pursue our essential destiny
  • Cleanse our energy field to prevent illness and maintain states of exceptional health and well-being
  • Build our spiritual energy to enable us to live more impeccably and effectively.

I will look forward to seeing you in New York. Click to see registration details for my Nov. 9th evening lecture and my Nov. 10th day-long workshop.

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The End of the World, part II

I woke up this Sunday to a powerful look at the impact of climate change. Is this the real 2012, and what can we do about it? It’s here today.  And the arithmetic is clear.




The Cost of Transformation: Teaching Story ~ Alberto Villoldo

A teaching story:

“Once there was a monk who lived by a river.  Every day he would fish and give away his catch to the hungry – all he would keep for himself was a single fish head to make soup with in the evening.  One day one of his students told the monk that he was traveling to the holy mountain.  The teacher was overjoyed and asked the student to visit his old master to ask him for assistance.  ‘Ask him why I am stuck in my spiritual practice,’ he said.

The traveler embarked upon his journey.  When he reached the foot of the holy mountain, he inquired of an innkeeper, ‘Where does the master live?’  the innkeeper answered, ‘He lives at the top of the mountain.  The orchards that you see are his orchards.  The herds of cattle are his.  Those are his fields planted with wheat and barley.’  The traveler was stunned that a spiritual master would have such great wealth.  As he made his way up the mountain, he stopped and spoke to one of the gardeners, who confirmed that indeed these were the master’s orchards.

When he reached the top of the mountain, he found a magnificent castle.  He knocked on the door, and the master’s wife welcomed him in.  As she offered him a feast such as he had never before seen, she informed him that her husband would be arriving later.

At sunset, the master arrived in a chariot drawn by four horses and attended by footmen.  He welcomed the traveler and inquired of his old student.  The traveler said, ‘He has begged me to ask you for help.  He wants to know why he is stuck in his spiritual growth.’

The master closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them again, he said, ‘Aha!  It is because he is too materialistic.’  The traveler was sure the old master must be mistaken.  But the master said , ‘No.  Tell him what I said.’  And he bid the traveler a good journey home.

On his return, the traveler approached the fisherman monk and said, ‘I have news from your master, but there must be a mistake.  He says that the reason you are stuck is because you are too materialistic.’

The monk knew instantly that this was true.  ‘Yes!  he exclaimed.  ‘Of course!’

The traveler was mystified.  ‘How can this be so?’ he asked.  ‘After all, you give everything away.’

‘This is the point,’ said the monk.  ‘In the evening when I am cooking my fish-head soup, all I can think about is the rest of the fish.’  The master, on the other hand, knew that he was not consumed by his possessions or defined by the wealth he had.

An excerpt from:  Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval by Alberto Villoldo


Waiting and Time Management with Alberto Villoldo

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How We Change Our World with Perception by Alberto Villoldo, PhD

“Being able to shift to a higher realm of perception can help us find solutions to our problems, resolve conflicts, heal disease, and experience oneness with all of creation.”
—Alberto Villoldo, PhD

All of us want to affect the world for the better. We look around us and see problems—crime, pollution, child abuse—and because we’re a society of rules, we believe that laws and religious commandments will help us make changes. For example, Americans elect legislators to Congress who pass more and more laws every year in the hopes that these rules will make citizens’ lives better. By contrast, the ancient Greeks were a people of the concept—they knew that there was nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Because they manipulated ideas so elegantly, they were able to invent democracy, develop philosophy, and systematize mathematics. Their Roman neighbors, on the other hand, were great lawmakers, and Roman codes have influenced many modern Western laws. When faced with problems, the Greek philosophers conceptualized new systems, while the Romans called on their armies to enforce the precepts.

The Laika, the shamans of the ancient Americas, don’t live by rules or ideas. If they want to change their world, they don’t pass new laws or come up with new theories. Instead, they choose to change the way they perceive a problem. By changing their perception, they transform a challenge into an opportunity. In this online program, you will learn the four insights and their practices will help you change your perceptions and allow you to dream your world into being. Four Levels of Perception Earthkeepers learn to experience events in such a way that they no longer take life personally, and they do so at the perceptual level of serpent. Here, things no longer happen to you; they simply happen. The pigeon doesn’t poop on your car to make you upset; it simply poops, and your windshield gets smeared. It doesn’t rain on you to make you wet; it simply rains. When you change your perception of the events you experience, you also alter the way these situations live within you. You are no longer the cause or the effect of anything and you sense a tremendous relief because the world is exactly as it should be—and it doesn’t need you to fix it.

In the West, we tend to associate our perception with the dozens of states of awareness we’re familiar with. For example, we’re in one mode of awareness when we’re just waking up or drifting off to sleep, another when we’re in reverie, another when we’re enraged, and so on. In each one, a different part of the brain is active—so we refer to them as “states of consciousness,” which are products of the mind. Perceptual levels, on the other hand, exist independently of the mind. (In fact, the second level of jaguar, which we’ll cover in a bit, contains the mind and all of its states of consciousness.) There are four perceptual levels through which a Laika engages the world. These levels correspond to the four domains of manifestation of vibration and light: the physical world (our body), the realm of thoughts and ideas (mind), the realm of myth (soul), and the world of spirit (energy). These perceptual levels are associated with the four energetic bodies that make up the human energy field. They’re stacked inside each other like Russian nesting dolls, with the physical body innermost, the mental body enveloping and informing the physical shell, the soul enveloping the mental and physical, and the spiritual body outermost, informing and organizing them all like a blueprint.

When we shift from one level of perception up to the next, we retain our ability to function at the lower realm, but we have a much wider view of what we’re experiencing. I’m reminded here of an old story about a traveler who comes across two stonecutters. He asks the first, “What are you doing?” and receives the reply, “Squaring the stone.” He then walks over to the second stonecutter and asks, “What are you doing?” and receives the reply, “I am building a cathedral.” In other words, both men are performing the same task, but one of them is aware that he has the choice to be part of a greater dream.

Albert Einstein once said that the problems we face in life cannot be solved at which they were created. To that end, being able to shift to a higher realm of perception can help us find solutions to our problems, resolve conflicts, heal disease, and experience oneness with all of creation, whereas before we were only experiencing distress and separation.

In this Great Mystery Online Salon with Alberto Villoldo, you’ll learn that there’s a spiritual solution to every problem you encounter in the physical world, in your mind, and in your soul. You’ll learn that you can’t eliminate scarcity in your life by getting another job, or heal feelings of abandonment or anger by understanding your childhood wounds. You can only fix these problems at the level above the one they were created in.

To Register for this Online Event:  http://greatmystery.org/Programs/villoldoregister.html

1-12 July 2012
The Awakening – Peru 2012 with Dr Alberto Villoldo
Healing, Ceremony, and Transformation in the Sacred Valley